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Body therapy

Body therapy treatment is relieving and works in-depth. Whether you come to us with a strained neck, a knee that hurts, or a tender shoulder, we will together explore the reasons behind your body’s hurt and/or tensing. Your concerns and tensions are reflected in your body either consciously or unconsciously, or both. So if you are curious to get to know yourself even better, and experience a relieving and relaxing treatment, body therapy might be the right treatment for you. The body therapy treatment takes place in a safe environment, and at your own pace.

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What is body therapy?

In body therapy we work with pulsating massage, breathing techniques, and the meridians of the body. Body therapy is for you who wants to get to know yourself even better, and you who are curious to work with the body. You probably know your ways of thinking and acting very well,and also a thing or two about your challenges in life. But even if you feel that you know yourself really well, your body can sometimes be forced into situations where it needs to tell you something.

This can be manifested in many ways. Perhaps your shoulder hurts, or perhaps you have stomach aches, or maybe your back or another place in your body hurts. But have you thought that physical pain may be related to something else?






How can body therapy help you?

 Body therapy is a form of treatment that helps you get more energy, better blood flow, better breathing, and not least a feeling of contact with your body.

Body therapy is an option for you who might have a little too much on your table in your everyday life. Body therapy helps you slow down. Body therapy is also an option, if you experience a need to change your life’s direction, or if you need to make important decisions. Being clear in your expression can be really difficult, especially if it is unfamiliar to you. With body therapy you get to feel your own core. The treatment takes place in a safe environment.

Together, we explore what your body is expressing. An expression is the feeling you experience at present and which fills your universe. To be allowed to feel what the body expresses without at the same time feeling wrong or judged is for many a great relief. You and your body are taken seriously and your body will buzz with life after a body treatment.

Priser på kropsterapi

Treatments 55 minIzabellaTheaWinnieMette
Reflexology1.195 kr.895 kr895 kr895 kr
Body therapy1.195 kr.-
Pregnancy massage1.195 kr.-895 kr.895 kr
Rebozo massage 45 min.1.195.kr.-
Birth preparation1.195 kr.895 kr.895 kr.
Induction of labour1.195 kr.995 kr.895 kr.
Treatments for children 30 min.495 kr.495 kr.