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Do you need help to get pregnant?

Unfortunately infertility is a growing problem and more couples are experiencing the need for fertility treatment in order to succeed in project “baby”. Reflexology therapy can help you in a natural way.


Zoneterapi og graviditet

Can reflexology help you get pregnant?

We have helped many women to pregnancy with reflexology. Even if you are undergoing an insemination process, or embryo transfer, it is a good idea to supplement with reflexology as it cleanses and balances the body.

The many waste products, from a.o. The contraceptive pill, which accumulates in the body over the years, weakens the organs and inhibits the natural processes of the body resulting in various disorders and/or absent menstruation and ovulation. Through reflexology, the body is cleansed of waste products so that the organs can function optimally again. When an involuntarily childless woman seeks help from us, a mere cleansing of the body can help most. You will get a normal cycle and thus an increased opportunity of becoming pregnant.

We are specialists in infertility and fertility

At Huskdigselv, we specialize in treating infertility and strengthening fertility with reflexology. You will experience that our clinic is a confidential space where you feel free to express your feelings and thoughts. It can be thoughts and feelings like frustration, sadness, anger, envy, shame and an incredible sense of loneliness. We are your “invisible friend” on your fertility journey.

Prices for our treatments

Treatments 55 minIzabellaTheaWinnieMette
Reflexology1.195 kr.895 kr895 kr895 kr
Body therapy1.195 kr.-
Pregnancy massage1.195 kr.-895 kr.895 kr
Rebozo massage 45 min.1.195.kr.-
Birth preparation1.195 kr.895 kr.895 kr.
Induction of labour1.195 kr.995 kr.895 kr.
Treatments for children 30 min.495 kr.495 kr.