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Reflexology during and after pregnancy

As a pregnant woman you may be affected by nausea, fatigue, constipation or edema. It is harmless but uncomfortable. Reflexology can help you relieve most pregnancy problems. Reflexology also helps you regain energy after giving birth. We have many years of experience in treating pregnant women.

Reflexology during your pregnancy

Many of our clients who have been treated for infertility continue with reflexology after they become pregnant. It is a big decision to wish to become pregnant. And there is often a need to talk about the many thoughts and feelings that arise because of it. We have room for that at our clinic. We also spend time for conversation during reflexology treatment. We make a virtue of creating a safe and confidential space where you can open up for your thoughts and concerns.

Why reflexology during pregnancy?

Because the pregnant woman has realized how well reflexology works in her body. The pregnant woman typically starts taking sessions from the 10th week of pregnancy and approximately every third week until birth. In this way, the pregnant woman ensures that mother and child are well without too many pregnancy problems, such as nausea, pelvic instability and water in the body. As your due date approaches, it is a good idea to get reflexology treatment more frequently. Reflexology can help mature your body so that your childbirth starts naturally and without medical induction of labor. The woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy usually gets treatment the last three weeks before her due date at one week intervals, and until she goes into labor.