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About Huskdigselv

Huskdigselv is a clinic that specializes in fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, and furthermore also provides a high level of professionalism in other areas where reflexology has a positive effect.


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Remember yourself

Huskdigselv (in English “remember yourself”) is a clinic with a high level of professionalism within fertility, pregnancy and birth – the clinic’s specialties – but also within all other areas where reflexology has a positive effect. We also offer body therapy, pregnancy massage, birth preparation, childbirth initiation and reflexology for infants. The clinic is located in bright and quiet surroundings in a listed property, 200 meters from Gammel Strand metro. We have a view of Christiansborg Palace, the Royal Stables and the National Museum.

The clinic is owned by Izabella Winther who is a trained reflexologist since 1999, a trained body therapist, and a doula birth partner. She specializes continuously in infertility, pregnancy, childbirths and infants. As a doula birth partner, she has participated and assisted in more than 60 births.

We specialize in infertility, fertility treatment, pregnancy, inducing labor treatment, menopause, doula support and infants with e.g. stomach problems.

We have good experiences with body therapy and reflexology for:

  • Migraines, headaches and tension headaches
  • Digestive problems and inflamed colon
  • Allergy and asthma
  • Stress and burnout
  • Whiplash and neck stiffness
  • Chronic diseases
  • Back problems
  • Menopause

About the treatments

You will always be the focus throughout treatment. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and safe during your treatment, and we strive to create an environment that allows for you to feel just that. We start the treatment with a talk about you and your present circumstances in life . You can book your time online at your convenience. You will receive a reminder both by email and sms the day before your treatment.

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At Huskdigselv.dk, we treat over 1,000 people annually for pain, stress and pregnancy problems.
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