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Childbirth initiation

Have you passed your due date? Is your due date approaching rapidly? You can receive help in order to start your birth in a natural way with reflexology at Huskdigselv.

Få hjælp til en naturlig igangsættelse af din fødsel hos Huskdigselv

Why does the birth not start?

Has your baby’s due date passed? Or is it approaching rapidly? We can induce labor with reflexology at our clinic, and get your childbirth naturally started. Labor starts when your body and your baby are ready. It is perfectly normal not to go into labor on the due date. Some babies just need a few more days in their mother’s womb than others.

Give birth in a safe and calm way

When you have had inducing labor treatment at the huskdigselv clinic, you will go into labor at the earliest later that same day or evening. If the treatment does not work within 24 hours it will be because your body is not quite ready yet. In that case it might be a good idea to try another treatment a few days later. No matter what, the treatment is not wasted as it will give your body the tranquility needed to have a healthy childbirth.


Price for initiation of birth

One treatment, 55 minutes

995 kr