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Get help from a doula for your childbirth

Maternity wards are very busy which means that you as a woman in labor unfortunately is left to yourself part of the time. A doula birth partner who stands by your side before, during, and after birth can be of great assistance to you. The doula birth partner creates a peaceful birthing environment. In addition, you get the support and care needed.

Få støtte af en fødselshjælper/doula til din fødsel

What is a doula or birth partner?

Traditionally, the woman about to give birth had a partner by her side who she knew in advance, and who could help and assist her during childbirth. Today, the woman’s husband quite naturally participates during labor, something he did not do before. In England and the US it is very common to have a doula birth partner to support the woman throughout childbirth. Today, there is a tendency to, and a security in, having a doula birth partner during childbirth. Several studies have shown that having a doula throughout childbirth reduces the risk of cesarean section and/or medical induction of labor. It also makes it easier to handle the pain during childbirth as the doula will guide, help and support you in all of your needs.

Why use a doula?

Today, maternity wards are very busy and unfortunately the woman in labor is left to herself part of the time. A doula birth partner can help her. She participates throughout labor until the child is born. A doula birth partner is not to be compared with a midwife. The doula birth partner participates during labor to provide support, care, and create a peaceful birthing environment.

A doula birth partner will also help involve and support your partner so your partner does not feel overlooked. Your partner’s role is also very important as they can encourage and support you in their own way. Your partner is, of course, the most important birth partner and the doula will not challenge that.


“When I became pregnant in Denmark, I was initially intimidated by the prospect of having a child so far from home. My reason for seeking out a doula was to find someone who could help my husband and I navigate our pregnancy and birth in a culture foreign to us. After interviewing several prospective doulas, I chose Izabella because she seemed kind, elegant and experienced, but also down-to-earth and practical. 

Over the course of my pregnancy, I met with Izabella many times for reflexology sessions. She helped settle my anxiety when minor complications arose, and she explained the various documents, scans and processes I was going through. I felt I could call her any time during my pregnancy and that she was genuinely invested in me and my child. 

In the last week of my pregnancy, Izabella checked in with me every evening to see how I was feeling, sending me positive thoughts and helping me get my courage up for the birth. On the night I went into labor, she came to my house and picked us up to take us to the hospital. She had brought homemade juice to help us keep our energy, and stayed with us, supporting us the whole way through the birth. She helped me manage my pain, understand what was happening, and advocating for me to the midwives and nurses. 

During the birth, Izabella had a good sense of when I needed her help, or when my husband and I wanted to be on our own for a while. At the end of the birth, when I was exhausted and ready to give up, she stayed by my side, helping me take the last steps toward delivering my daughter. She knows what pregnant and delivering women need, even which foods taste best after the birth. Thank you Izabella!”

Julie C.
New York, NY 

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